Shadow Puppetry Travelganza

Consider following my blog as I travel to China for the year and study with Chinese shadow puppet scholars, masters, innovators, musicians, practitioners, and fellow enthusiasts.

I’ll be posting lots of photos, video and a tid bit o’ Annie insight throughout the 10 months.

Feel free to share with your fellow shadow puppet geeks!

xo Annie

Fellowship dates: February 23, 2011 to December 23, 2011.

Region: Mainland China, with a focus on northern central provinces.

Gear: Canon 7D, Canon Vixia, Canon Elph SD1400


2 responses to “Shadow Puppetry Travelganza

  1. Hi Annie,
    Don’t expect to know me, but I am Gemma Irish’s dad – Steve Budas. I am so excited for you and your trip here. I am planning on starting a blog on puppet performance reviews in the near future. That’s why I look forward to hearing about your adventures and wisdom on the art form.

    I have been in mime for over 27 years in my previous life before getting involved with non-profit management. It’s hard for me NOT to be involved with the arts in some form or other and I felt this avenue may be a good “reconnect” for me. In the meantime, my research will continue in puppetry prior to getting the blog up and running. That’s why your reports will be important for me! Glad for your opportunity and my benefit from it.

  2. Hi Steve! So glad you’re reading…I’m excited too. Please pass along the blog info when you’ve got it up and running. I’m always up for more puppet info. If you have any questions while you read the updates – fire away!

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